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Fostering Corporate Sustainability

Corporate bodies key into the corporate recycling scheme to strengthen their sustainability policies by ensuring they responsibly dispose their waste and contribute to environmental conservation. Corporate recycling activities help to manage to conserve resources and reduce carbon footprint.

Proper disposal starts with disposing of waste into designated receptacles thereby initializing sorting from source. Recyclables such as paper, plastic, aluminium, glass, nylons can be put out separately in its own indoor or outdoor bin which must be clearly labelled. This helps people to identify where they are to put materials they want to dispose. There is a need for the client to setup a recycling station within its premises to collate the materials to a certain volume before requesting for pickup. A work order document will be in place to facilitate the service and issuance of invoice thereafter.

Corporate partnerships are signed off in a Service Level Agreement clearly stating terms and conditions. The frequency of pick up is determined by volume of waste generated. Client representative will have to place a Call/SMS to WASTEXCHANGE to notify need for impromptu pickups. Changes in the frequency of collection are made as needed depending on volume of recyclables generated. So it is necessary to have a recycling station where bins big enough to contain all materials can stay till pick up team arrives.

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Corporate Recycling Program Enrolment

Participating Clients

These are corporate clients who seek to leverage our corporate recycling program to dispose their wastes responsibly. They adopt best practices in waste management by procuring bins and sort their waste at various points of disposal before handing them over to us. To subscribe to this category, clients pay an enrollment fee which is a one-off payment required to sign up for the Service Level Agreement and this currently valued based on the size (staff strength) of the subscribing corporate client.

Enrollment Fees:

Small Size Organizations (1 – 99 employees) – ₦150,000.00

Mid-Size Organizations (100 – 499 employees) – ₦250,000

Large Size Organizations (500 – above employees) – ₦350,000

The benefits of this enrollment will among others include showcasing the subscribed company on our website as a participator to our initiative which spotlights the organization as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen. Client’s recycling activities will be sent out monthly in a report that informs on the volume of materials the client has diverted from landfills. This will also be made available to award giving organizations that seek to showcase and promote the activities of corporate citizens who are contributing to the social and economic development of our great country.

Free training of the janitors on recycling and best cleanup practices but training of staff comes with a fee. This category comes with a statutory monthly pickup of the recyclables at client’s location at the cost of ₦5,000 to enable us sustain our operational service efficiency. But an upfront payment of annual pickup subscription will be given at the discounted price of ₦40,000 per location.


Core Partners

Corporate clients that enroll to be core partners show participation in carrying out recycling activities that best fits their portfolio. They actively partake in initiatives that projects around our core objectives as a company and we merge this with the objectives of the client as well. They even go ahead to support with tools, equipment such as vehicles and tricycles to help with pickup logistics and basic infrastructure such as recycling kiosks which serve as collection points in communities and is needed to promote our activities.
This partnership can be a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative carried out by the company and what they stand to benefit is for the company to be showcased as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen handling serious issues in waste management and recycling. No enrollment or pickup fee is required as they support our activities on a large scale and we support the client’s

They carry out social benefit initiatives that promotes our values in areas of environmental sustainability, community engagement, youth employment, women empowerment, poverty eradication and teaching recycling early. They can also adopt schools on local communities where they sponsor a teach recycling early initiative in our school recycling program. WASTEXCHANGE will mandatorily participate in our core client’s events and functions to handle recyclable waste cleanup and showcase the core client’s sustainability commitment.