Waste Xchange Programme

Xchange Your Waste With XchangePoints

  • Concern About Waste Pollution

    It is a common sight to see our streets, drainage, and roadsides littered with recyclable packaging materials which are carelessly disposed of by post-consumers. This practice often poses environmental & health hazards to communities as they experience flood due to the blockage of water drainage by most of these recyclables which has become the fastest growing packaging option in our beverage and food manufacturing sectors.

  • Effective Buyback Solution

    The most challenging concern for recycling is sustaining an effective buyback system for clean recyclables and an efficient supply-chain system for collection. Our solution is a cash and Incentive based collection scheme that allocates cash to the quantity of recyclable items neatly collected at the point of disposal by post-consumers.

  • XchangePoints For Wastes

    Collectors get an SMS alert notification each time they drop off or recycle with us, to inform on the number of Xchanged gained. Thereafter, the Xchanged gained could be traded in exchange for numerous items each tagged with a certain number of rewards needed to redeem them. At WasteXchange, we have generated a Xchanged earning and redemption system for every recyclable item collected from the premises of our Client. The scheme maintains a quantifiable recording structure which must be strictly observed and adhered to. Our recyclables collector maintain duplicate Pickup Record Tickets where the quantity & weight of items collected are recorded and the equivalent Xchanged noted, these must be endorsed by an approved representative of the Client, who will receive a copy. Some of the household items are updated bi-annually with the introduction of new items. More household items can be available on the request of the client. WasteXchange will provide a Quarterly Waste Report, based on the volume of recyclable waste collected from client’s premises within the time under review. Client is eligible for redemption of incentives after attaining 2,500 XchangePoints and can redeem quarterly after recycling for the first 6 months.

  • Processing The Recyclables

    In our effort to develop schemes and initiatives to support the processing of collected PET in our business model, our team developed a community-based recyclable collection and sorting enterprise called Collection and Sorting Hub initiative. The Collection and Sorting HUB initiative is a financially self- sustaining enterprise that engages the members of the community in which it is initiated. The unemployed residents of the community (especially women and youths) are hired on a daily rate basis to assist in collecting, sorting, removal of labels and caps, bagging and baling of PET and other collected recyclable materials. This activity adds tremendous quality value to the recycling process and the financial margin gained from this first tier of processing covers the overhead expense required to run the Collection and Sorting Hub. After collection is done, women sort plastic bottles into different colours (blue, green, brown), labels and caps are removed. These materials are then baled / compressed in a baling machine. Aluminum cans are baled as well same with other materials collected such as cartons, pure water sachets. These materials are then sold to local and international off-takers who use these as raw materials for further processing into finished goods suitable for production of consumer products.